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Bowling Green State University provides information technology resources to support the academic, administrative, educational, research and service missions of its appropriately affiliated members within the margins of institutional priorities and financial capabilities. The information technology resources provide for the University, a conduit for free and open forum for the expression of ideas mindful of the University core values. In order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information technology resources for intended purposes, the following policy has been developed.


  1. All usage of information technology resources is to be consistent with all other relevant policies at BGSU.
  2. Users must be aware of and comply with all Federal, State, local, and other applicable laws, contracts, regulations and licenses.
  3. Use of information technology to access resources other than those supporting the academic, administrative, educational, research and service missions of the University or for more than limited social purposes is prohibited.
  4. All users must only access or attempt to access information technology resources that they are authorized to use and then only in a manner and to the extent authorized.
  5. Attempting to circumvent information technology security systems is prohibited.
  6. Disruption of University authorized activities is prohibited.
  7. Use of information technology to conduct reconnaissance, vulnerability assessments, or similar activity by unauthorized personnel is prohibited.
  8. Users are required to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information technology.
  9. Anonymous use, impersonation, or use of pseudonyms on an information technology resource to escape accountability is prohibited.
  10. The use of any unlicensed spectrum space is prohibited on any BGSU-owned or BGSU-occupied property, unless it is part of the wireless services being deployed by the University.


University Responsibilities

User Responsibilities


BGSU respects the privacy of all information technology users. The University does not routinely monitor the content of material but does reserve the right to access and review all aspects of its information technology infrastructure to investigate performance or system problems, search for harmful programs, or upon reasonable cause, to determine if a user is violating a policy, State or Federal law. BGSU monitors, keeps, and audits detailed records of information technology usage; traces may be recorded routinely for trouble shooting, performance monitoring, security purposes, auditing, recovery from system failure, etc.; or in response to a complaint, in order to protect the University's and others' equipment, software, and data from unauthorized use or tampering. Extraordinary record keeping, traces and special techniques may be used in response to technical problems or complaints, or for violation of law, policy or regulations, but only on approval by University administrators specifically authorized to give such approval. In addition to the privacy of individuals being respected under normal circumstances, the privacy of those involved in a complaint will be respected and the University will limit special record keeping in order doing so, where feasible. Information will be released in accordance with law. Users should be aware that while the University implements various security controls to protect information technology resources, protection of data from unauthorized individuals cannot be guaranteed.


Individuals or entities in violation of the BGSU Information Technology Policy will be referred to the appropriate disciplinary authority for review. Access privileges may be suspended without prior notice if it is determined that a policy violation is causing a current or imminent threat to the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information technology resources.